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An environment where everyone can be who they want to be

We wanted to create an environment where everyone can be who they want to be. Whether you’re feeling adventurous, calm, inspired, sporty, fast, slow, relaxed or excited – there’s something here for you. Nature takes centre stage at Canyon Park – it is a truly breath-taking location. There are a range of ways that you can fully enjoy the sights, scents and sounds of the wild forest, the beautiful river and two canyons with two contrasting habitats. Try something different and immerse yourself in our activities, with the woods and natural lagoon providing a stunning backdrop.

Canyon Park has a policy of zero impact on the environment

No electricity, just the energy of human beings paddling, zipping through the air or practicing yoga. There are no catering facilities or permanent structures here – everything is thoroughly temporary so as not to disturb the natural balance of the surroundings.

We are all guests at Canyon Park

It is a place to discover nature in all its forms – both the nature that surrounds us and our inner nature – the most extraordinary of adventures.


Choose and book your activity – pay on the day at Canyon Park!

This is the outdoor soul of Canyon Park,
an immersion in the nature that surrounds us


InMind is the spiritual soul of Canyon Park,
an immersive experience in our true inner nature