Francesco is a true visionary without artificial additives. Often with his head in the clouds, he has made a career through creating a specialist business creating Adventure Parks throughout Italy.

He is the owner of the “il Gigante” Adventure Park (the largest in Tuscany), and Cielo Verde. Nicknamed ‘Tranquillucci’ (chill out) by friends thanks to his habitual response to any question, Francesco is a Kayaking expert and tends to face any scale of challenge with admirable but sometimes disconcerting optimism about his own ability.

He is a high wire trail instructor and rescuer, and a natural high wire walker. Attaching cams, pulleys and other climbing equipment in every available nook and cranny is his response to the problems of modern life.


Known as “The Boss” at Canyon Park, inveterate traveller and a long-term enthusiast of outdoor sports (kayaking, paragliding, mountain trekking, diving)…via these passions he has become an expert in seeking out new and interesting ways of worrying his family and friends (often with success).

Hit by sudden, mystic inspiration in the lighting section of IKEA, he decided to give up everything and transform his passion into a way of life.

His family and friends are more worried than ever.


Heart and soul of the InMind part of Canyon Park, Serena is particularly struck by the fascinating universe – yet to explore – inside each one of us.

Exceptionally grounded and sure of her own mind (she hasn’t yet uttered the words “you’re right” within hearing distance of anyone), she has finally found the location to help us explore the infinite shades of our own being, where the search, not the destination, is the end in itself.
Serena worked for many years in PR and communication sector for Italian and international clients.

She has certainly found her natural environment here (but still hasn’t said “you’re right” to anyone, as far as we know…)


A big fan of comfort and SKY channels, Homer has met some big life challenges recently. Roaming free among the woods and trees at Canyon Park, he has been pondering the Big Questions including: Why are there no comfy sofas dotted around?

Once spotted running for a grand total of 3 metres, he tired himself out before even reaching the tantalizingly-dropped sandwich of a Park visitor.

He is the star of Canyon Park, the most petted and envied of all the Guides. His wrinkly fur extends for an estimated 26 square meters, only adding to his reputation as the most charismatic staff member.