INmind offers a range of experiences for mind and body in natural surroundings, under a canopy of trees or on a crystal clear river, getting in touch with nature on a deep and authentic level.

This is the spirit of InMind at Canyon Park, a full immersion in our true inner nature.



Beyond the stream, the INmind Forest is a unique and peaceful space.

A wooden platform provides the perfect spot for open air activities, encircled by greenery and the scent of the trees.

A magical location, the INmind Forest is home to our unforgettable Yoga experiences. They combine sensory activities, bioenergetic reawakening and direct contact with the earth.

Relax and feel at one with the forest.




The INmind beach is just a few steps away from the Forest.

INmind offers a range of experiences which take place on water, in a secluded spot on an emerald-green section of the river.

Immersed in a wild and natural environment, 8 SUP boards connect to a central platform to create a unique flower-shaped floating platform for this unique experience.

This activity is great fun and provides excellent training in coordination and balance, in the beautiful river setting.

Relax and recharge with the healing power of crystal clear water.




Forget your troubles and let yourself be led by the rhythm of music, immersed in woodland.

At sunset, the INmind Forest is a magical location: mark the end of the day with a celebration of sound.

In the heart of the Forest, surrounded by thick, wild vegetation, enjoy a series of relaxation exercises followed by this unique musical experience.

Free your mind and body with music and movement.




An immersive experience in the forest. Contact with natural elements, the green of the woodland and the sounds, scents and textures of nature offer highly regenerative and anti-stress benefits.

During the naTUra Experience you’ll be gently guided through a tactile encounter with the forest, focusing on awareness, relaxation, listening and observation, interspersed with play, exploration and sharing.

The naTUra project was created to remind us that we are part of nature, to awaken our senses, and to recognise and respect this part of ourselves.