Super climber and snowboarder, we’ll forgive him his strong local accent (which sometimes presents a few communication challenges). He’s better suited to clambering across rocks than using Italian grammar correctly – not that Canyon Park visitors hanging above the rapids take much notice of the latter.


Legend has it that Robert was born hanging from a cliff (from a rope rather than an umbilical cord). Whilst he is the oldest of the group, he has the enthusiasm of an 8-year old on his way to the fair. He’s an alpine and rock-climbing expert, and is keen on losing himself in the woods on purpose in the winter to test his survival skills. So far, he’s always come back alive (he’s a little softer on visitors to the Park though – don’t worry).


Andrea (Bigo is a nickname) takes life extremely easily. Slow in movement and wide-eyed, he could be mistaken for a sloth in human guise (apart from his slim figure). Any chance he gets, he’s following his life’s passion in the mountains or on the climbing wall with friends.


Quite literally born into the job (her father owns and creates adventure parks), we think she came into the world 30m above ground with her karabiners ready.
Together with Azziz she works most of the time sitting down, but we’ll let her off.
She’s writing a biography of her father entitled “The ZipWire Whisperer”


One of the last to arrive at Canyon Park, looks like he’s just stepped out of a Disney film.
On his first day at work Pietro decided to style his hair into a Mohawk to look cool. It didn’t work out. He spent the first two weeks with a hat on. Disney might want him but we’re not letting him go now.


“Cabbie” in English, his name derives from his status as driver of the Canyon Park Land Rover, which he treats like a work of art from the Louvre. This year he got his instructor’s licence but we’re unsure if he’s able to tell the difference between the two roles. If you see him on a zipwire trying to find the handbrake, now you know why.


With such a beautiful name Hope has no need of a nickname. An English girl living in Tuscany, she loves playing the cello and speaks Italian better than 95% of her colleagues. She was spotted years ago on the trail, visiting with her mum – the instructor was so impressed with her skills that he immediately called base via walkie-talkie: “we’ve got to take her on!”- we couldn’t refuse.


Ruggero arrived at the Park with the nickname Rugo, but we quickly changed it to ‘Brucio’ (‘The Burn’) to better describe his neurological state (at best distracted). When his neurons are on form he is a fantastic climber and, when he gets talking…well, unfortunately we haven’t found his off
switch yet.


Gabriele is like a wound up spring. When Bozzo (we like nicknames at Canyon Park) finds himself at a loose end he’ll attach himself to the rope bridges to swing around or fling himself onto a skateboard (only if there’s a bit of traffic about for that extra thrill). Huge fan of the mountains. We’ve considered putting sedatives in his tea before he goes to work.


Enthusiasm in human form (despite everything).
Michele is official Russian interpreter at Canyon Park, a Soft Air enthusiast, and foreign languages student. One day, a group of Russian models spent their day off at Canyon Park. The Boss saw fit to record and send a WhatsApp vocal message to Michele featuring the Russian models in chorus, imploring: “Micheeeele! Where are yoooooou?” Michele now spends both his working days and his free time at Canyon Park.